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Hi folks, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I hope everyone enjoys the time (and food) with family and friends.

Now unto sad news -
Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond my control, and the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, I have made the difficult decision
to cancel the annual Christmas Dinner Concert for December 5, 2020 at the Tree House in Carlisle, PA.   While I regret making this decision,
I want to do what best for the health and safety of all in attendance.  Refunds will be/have been processed and we look forward to being able
to celebrate Christmas with you in 2021.
Most of the remaining concerts for 2020 have been cancelled, and be sure to check the tour schedule on the WEBSITE before traveling long distances,
because concerts are constantly being cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled all the time in this "new normal" we are going through.
As always, thank you all for your faithful support of this ministry.
God bless,