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The News

Good evening !!  I wanted to update you on the past weekend.   I sang Friday night in Johnstown, PA with The Masters.  John's new members Lois and Regina did a great job.  The rain forced our outdoor event inside to the next door Fire Hall.  Then on Saturday, I sang at the annual Three Springs Ice Cream Festival (my 14th year in a row) The homemade ice cream was to die for.  I had grape-nut.   Then I started getting sick (sinus/laryngitis) and barely made it through Sunday morning concert at Warfordsburg, PA.  Jordan actually had to be my back up.  He stood and sang most all the songs with me.
I then traveled to Somerset, PA and Abundant Life Christian Center.  The small church was packed and the audience just waiting to hear me sing !!!!  What they heard was Jordan trying his best to fill in for me because by then, my voice was totally gone.   Jordan did a great job singing. 
Now he wants his own CD !!
Here's where I'll be this week . . . . .
Friday, June 14 - Churchtown Church of God - Boiling Springs, PA - 7 pm  -  Concert w/Beyond The Ashes
Saturday, June 15 - Mt. Holly Fire Co. - Mt. Holly Springs, PA - 4 pm  -  Community Outreach Festival
Sunday, June 16 - Memorial Park Band Shell - Chambersburg, PA - 7 pm -  Outdoor Concert w/The Hagans Family
Looking forward to seeing you soon !!!!

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Exciting news I bring to you today !!   Beyond The Ashes, an awesome christian trio from Nashville, TN, is coming to the Carlisle area.
They were nominated for a Dove Award last year and are one of the finest gospel groups singing today.   Beyond The Ashes (and myself) will be in concert Friday night June 14th at the Churchtown Church of God at 7 pm.  Don't miss this exciting gospel music event !!!!

Last Updated (Friday, 14 June 2013 00:55)


What exciting news !!   I want everyone to make plans right now for this awesome event.  The beautiful Star Theatre in downtown historic Mercersburg, PA has put together a huge Gospel Music Concert featuring some great talent.  Sunday afternoon, May 5th, starting at 2 pm, Mercy's Vessel, New Season, and myself will be in concert at the Star Theatre.  This is a super opportunity to come out and support Gospel Music as a whole.  The theatre is starting to promote christian music shows, and I would like to see this kind of music be strongly supported in hopes they will continue Gospel Music shows in the future.   The theatre has been renovated and is in beautiful condition.  This will proof to be an exciting afternoon for the entire family.  Tickets are only $20 each and I PROMISE that you will receive a blessing so powerful, you'll be smiling for weeks after.  So, make plans and call RIGHT NOW for your tickets, and don't miss this upcoming Gospel Music Extravaganza !!!!!   CHURCHES: consider bringing a van or bus load.  This could be a great event for the entire congregation !!!

Call me,  Randy @ 717.258.8840      or email    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

or contact the box office @ 717-328-5959  or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Hey, this just in !!   Just received the call yesterday, I will be singing this Sunday night at Mt. Top Ministries in Orrtanna, PA east of Chambersburg.   The service starts at 6 pm.  Please make plans to come out and be blessed !!!!

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Saturday March 6th, 2010 was an exciting night for Randy Simpson Ministries!Randy Simpson - Award 2010

Randy was scheduled to sing a song at the Annual Pennsylvania Southern Gospel Music Association (PSGMA) Fan Awards ceremony which was held this year at the Kauffman Community Center in Chambersburg, PA.

So many old friends – concert goers and other artists – some we sometimes don’t get to see for months were there and the time of fellowship we had was wonderful! The featured group, the PromisedLand Quartet from Virginia was at the top of their game and everyone was enjoying their music. 

In addition to PromisedLand Quartet, there was music from some of the Pennsylvania artists that were nominated for awards that evening. Everybody did a great job.

Joe and Joey from the PromisedLand Quaret were the Masters of Ceremony for the evening an had everyone in stitches! They did an awesome job of announcing the nominees and keeping the evening moving along. 

When it came time to announce the winner in the “Favorite Male Singer” category, the nominees names were read, each one very deserving in their own right, then came the phrase that everyone was waiting for … “and the winner is…..” The pause after that phrase lasted longer than any pause I have ever heard. I knew what name I wanted to hear next but they were not saying anything… are they taking a break? Did they go to the bathroom? Ok, the pause wasn’t really THAT long… but it sure seemed like it to me. What I heard next brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye…. Randy Simpson!

I know how hard Randy works in all aspects of his ministry and have always appreciated his dedication and commitment to professionalism in presenting the Gospel week after week. I appreciate and admire even more his dedication and commitment to Jesus Christ and doing what He has called him to do.

Those of you that know me, know that I like to give Randy grief sometimes (Ok, MOST of the time!  Hey, it’s my job to help keep him humble!)  I was telling some concert goers that ever since he got his award on Saturday that he is now making me call him “Mr. Simpson” instead of just Randy! But seriously, it makes me happy to see him get a tangible acknowledgement that people are noticing, enjoying and being blessed by his ministry. 

Randy, to many of us, you have been our “Favorite Male Singer” for a long time. I’m proud of you and I'm happy that now you have something to hang on your wall as confirmation of what so many of us have been saying all along!

Congratulations my friend!

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